Mikala Munter Gundersen
International Dressage Trainer and Competitor

Mikala Gundersen and her team offers Training and Boarding packages customized to suit you and / or your horse's needs. Training involves the bonus use of the Horse Gym Treadmill which continues to develop and maintain many of the top champions in the show ring today.
Mikala is also available for Clinics & Lessons. Please contact her today for more information regarding the upcoming Wellington, Florida winter 2015 season.

Mikala & Olympic stallion 'Galant du Serein'

Dressage Fundamentals:
While the physical fundamentals of dressage training start with correct rider position and balance, Mikala also understands that team work and proper mental attitude is a key ingredient between horse and rider. Mikala thru her many years of training and teaching, is able to develop each individual rider and/or horse based on specific goals.

Not until the rider is completely balanced and relaxed, is he or she able to correctly influence the horse. In order for the rider not to lean on their reins or hold on with their legs, the rider must develop a strong core and an independent seat. When a relaxed rider is able to stay in balance, the horse will learn to find his own balance. When this occurs, the horse will be relaxed and willing to respond to the rider’s aids.

As both horse and rider become stronger, Mikala teaches how to use the timing of the aids to communicate with the horse in a clear and consistent manner. (Clear communication is another key factor.) The rider will then be able to correctly encourage the horse to carry more weight on his hindquarters, necessary for the higher level movements.

Synchronicity between horse and rider occurs when the rider maintains a relaxed, correct position and uses the appropriate aids at the right time. The result is a horse having ‘self-carriage’, is forward moving and happy to be a part of the harmony dressage intends to create between horse and rider.

Mikala teaches all levels of students and enjoys bringing out the natural potential of each horse and rider – whether individually, or as a team.

Photos - Aurora / Wellington Photo.com

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